Welcome to Swoosh Creations! I have been drawing and painting for years and my family and friends have always encouraged me to start a card business with the little cards that have developed from that love of art and creativity…. so here it is! Swoosh Creations.

I will be opening my etsy store in the fall, but in the meantime here is a sneak peak of what’s in store. Enjoy! And may you create some magic in your life too!

Sara 🙂


Process of a Swoosh Card original

I start with an idea, usually inspired by everyday items. I sketch it out on the paper in very lightly penciled graphite. I finish the composition and make adjustments that I will finalize with pen and ink. I then trace the lines that make the most sense with a black pen, creating depth with shadows of crosshatching and a final draft is created. I erase the pencil lines and start with the base colour with coloured marker. After the colours are blocked I create depth again with darker tones. I add detail with gel pens. And voila, it is finished!