Cute Laundry


As a couple becomes a trio, there are a lot of changes to expect. Sometimes the changes are simple. Sometimes the changes are fun. Sometimes the changes make something lack lustre… a little more charming. This card is perfect for expectant parents; whether the new addition is a boy, a girl or a surprise!


Blast from the past, brought to the present; Pitchforks, Alt-Country Retrospective Album Art


Way back in college I drew a pencil crayon image of my grandparents’ tool shed for my brother. He’s a fan of the artist Dali and so when he asked me to depict the shed I added a Dali spin to it. The result was a slightly off-kilter and vivid image of a very odd little shack. He framed it and kept it in his music studio…. and then a long time after, he released a country album with my drawing as the cover art! I was surprised, but honoured too.