Welcome to Swoosh Creations! I have been drawing and painting for years and my family and friends have always encouraged me to start a card business with the little cards that have developed from that love of art and creativity…. so here it is! Swoosh Creations.

I will be opening my etsy store in the fall, but in the meantime here is a sneak peak of what’s in store. Enjoy! And may you create some magic in your life too!

Sara 🙂


Blast from the past, brought to the present; Pitchforks, Alt-Country Retrospective Album Art


Way back in college I drew a pencil crayon image of my grandparents’ tool shed for my brother. He’s a fan of the artist Dali and so when he asked me to depict the shed I added a Dali spin to it. The result was a slightly off-kilter and vivid image of a very odd little shack. He framed it and kept it in his music studio…. and then a long time after, he released a country album with my drawing as the cover art! I was surprised, but honoured too.

Logo for Tailspin

A friend was in need of a logo as she was starting a dog walking business (which evolved into a pet grooming business). We chatted about what she was wanting, about her favourite colours, the company name and favourite animals and we came up with some ideas. She then had a graphic designer make up some cute business cards for her too and used these images to make a striking and eye catching brand.