Happily Ever After

My cousin asked me to create a custom card for her friends’ wedding… based on a lake that they enjoyed to spend time at. I had just come back from a weekend on a gorgeous glacial lake in the Rockies and was inspired by the tranquility of the vast blue space above and below me and thought it would be lovely conveyed on a card.

The impact from my experience, along images of their beloved lake, hatched a pretty unique card.

Here is is ready to ship. And they all lived happily ever after. Sighhhhh.



Holly Golightly card


This little card was inspired by a “Tiffany’s” bridal shower. Although the client chose a card that was more jewellery than movie, this was one of the images that I had come up with. I made it into a really stylish little card that, perhaps, Ms. Golightly¬†herself would have enjoyed.


Here are some of the other ideas I had for this little card and my sketchbook before the card was finalized.